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The smart phones now a day is more than a gadget to talk – it has started defining the life as we revolve around it daily to browse internet, to be in touch with our loved ones, to extract some information from google, taking pictures and videos, to listen music, watch video, play games, booking tickets, hotels, do some official work by whatsapp, mailing, mobile banking, payments etc. For this purpose various companies are launching new phones with latest technology, features and updates. With new devices being launched so quickly these days, we need to stay updated about the latest mobile phones and the latest technologies too. Most of the people do multitasking, that means running more than one program at a time, so the phones are also required to help the users to do all these things quickly and easily. Communication can be done faster. Smart phones can send and receive data much faster. In present time the smart phones are been owned by everyone because they have become quiet affordable too. Smart phones have become an integral and inseparable part of our lives. Smart phones have become a status symbol nowadays.The smart phone industry is facing tremendous challenges in terms of technology and it is becoming bigger and competitive every year. There is introduction to new technical concepts and each smart phone manufacturing company tries to introduce some extra ordinary features in there smart phones with the up gradation of its specifications and features. The mobile-phone industry is experiencing speedy growth and development with the cutting- edge features going to enter in the market in future

So the X one phone has been introduced in the market which becomes one of the perfect choice for the tech lovers and it is very alluring handset too.  It is fresh in its look, attractive and vibrant device that resembles to some other brands but definitely it is a good option to buy and value for money. This phone is trendy, stylish, premium and above all one of the cheaper options available in the market besides its competitors like Samsung, Vivo, Apple etc.

About X one Phone and its features

An European start-up company has launched this X one Phone which was made with the aim to capture the market and attract the audience towards it who have the love for the smart phones which can be cheaper and affordable too. They used the best parts, technology and software from the expensive models in this phone.  The makers of this X one phone have tried hard to come together with the high-tech technology of today into a compact and pocket-friendly economical device. The material used is of top quality and provides a durable texture that offers a great user experience. The X one Phone is one of the smart phone that operates on the Android operating system which the users would enjoy using it. The X one phone has an extraordinary HD resolution display of 720p HD+. This X one Phone is the “deluxe smart phone”. The screen of X one Phone is 5.7 inch HD+ with 1498 x 720 pixels display. This phone has a dual main camera, multimedia speaker and a fingerprint sensor with a speed of 0.8 to 1.5 seconds. You need to place your finger to open this phone. The X one phone has the capacity to store up to 5 fingerprints so that other known people can also use it. The camera quality of the X one phone is good, it has 16 MP camera. There are 3 cameras, Front Camera: 2.0MP , Rear view Camera: 8.0MP The X one Phone comes has the RAM of 2gb and it also has a flash memory of 16gb which can be extended up to 128gb by using the memory card. The weight of the phone is 171.5 grams. The price of X one phone is $398, so it is affordable too. NFC technology (Near-field communication) allows the users to share contacts, websites, and images using the smart phone, but this doesn’t support this technology. X one phone has dual GPS and Glonass for ultra-accurate navigation in map and route planning apps.  X one phone comes with the option of Dual sim for business class people. The audio quality of X one phone is not very good when compared with other smart phones but this phone has strong internet connection capability.

X one phone box contains- A X one phone with lithium-ion batteries, user manual, EU power adapter, USB cable and warranty card. The battery life of the phone is very good it has 3350mAh battery.

Pros and cons of X one Phone

This X one Phone smart phone is price low as compared to other smart phones with all such features. The display of this phone is excellent with a decent battery life. Phone provides a unique feature of dual security of fingerprint and face recognition ID which makes it protective. The camera quality is first-class. This X one Phone is liked because of the movie and gaming experience

The basic drawback with this phone is that it does not support Near-field communication (NFC) technology. The speed of the phone is slow and the quality of audio and the volume is not very good. There are some complicated instructions to start with and confusing features. There is not much room for the storage which is the biggest problem with this phone; users need to keep deleting the pictures and videos time to time. In order to increase the storage the memory card needs to be inserted.

This X one Phone is suitable for the people who do not want to spend the huge amount for the smart phones then this is just the hand- picked phone which is quite affordable and has salient features too. The X one Phone is easy to use unlike other smart phones. It has become so important to choose a phone that will keep the data safe and secure. Some of the important information related to bank details other documents or some vital information, sensitive work-related documents and communications can be saved easily and safely because of the security reason, it can be accessed by the finger print or the face scan only so it helps to keep your information private and safe. The X one includes the latest and most developed features in their handset with the low price just because the makers do not spend heavy amount of money for its advertising and branding in the market instead they prefer to let reviews and word of mouth speak about the high-quality of the product. They like to focus on their product’s features which advertise themselves for their product. If some other apps need to be installed then it can be done within the flicker of eyes i.e. in no time. This phone is suitable for the music lovers, they can listen the music without break as the battery of the phone doesn’t drain fast around 23 hours of music and 7 hours of video can be enjoyed once it is fully charged. X one Phone has the standby time of 290 hours, and it has the talk time of around 9 hours which is quiet remarkable and best in the industry too.

X one Phone looks grand in its appearance; it has become one of the slickest looking products on the market which has created an image in the eyes of the customers. It has 5.7 inch that offers 720p HD+ resolution for watching and scrolling movies videos at your enjoyment. It takes up almost the whole of the front panel so there is no wasted space at all, and it has been made by keeping in mind the multimedia customers. The X one Phone has almost every language to make it user friendly and suitable for every person.

The camera of X one Phone is very striking, it has dual flash camera that means not even a single moment will be missed, and capture it in an extraordinary, startlingly clear pictures. There are multiple modes available for taking the pictures. It can capture a high-quality selfie or make use of the special feature of beauty mode for getting more clarity that will delight anyone. Both the front and back cameras are high-quality and sharp, with 16MP and 8MP respectively, so there is no chance of missing the clarity and beautiful pictures capturing.

This X one Phone will give its user an ultimate and exceptional experience. It is a user friendly and budget friendly phone which can be owned. This phone will bring a superlative feeling and experience to the users in their budget. The X one Phone gives an astonishing and perfect experience which fits in the hand. The X one Phone can be enjoyed by everyone.  It is good value of money with a reasonable budget. The case is a “Heavy Duty” hard case of X One phone, which provides and additional protection from scratches and falls. The cover has a pleasant pattern that really looks venerable in black and attracts to the overall appearance of the phone. This product has been able to maintain a perfect harmony between quality and its cost. The X one phone is quiet charming and reliable it is loved because of its jaw-dropping price too which makes it an affordable gadget. This is truly impressive because of its crystal-clear image, bright colors, ultra security, top-performance camera and battery life. The device has a great price/performance ratio and is perfect for all those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a mobile phone. Its performance is impressive and versatile.

Irrespective of the big brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo the new X one Phone has been able to become a possible contender in the market for cheaper yet a smart phones with venerable features and ultimate quality. X one Phone has done exceptional sales and have great customer reviews too, so this new product is becoming so popular, admired every day by the users. A large number of consumers are looking for this product because it is cost-efficient alternative available with latest technology. X one Phone has high quality; it works quickly and smoothly, with no hold-up and a brilliantly optimized Android operating system.  The X one has simplicity and user-friendliness, to make it accessible by everyone. It comes with a “Smart” IPS capacitive screen that is intuitive and smooth.

As the big brands keep on increasing the price despite of very minimal changes, so no wonder that a large number of consumers are looking for more cost-efficient alternatives which they get with this X one Phone- a hot selling new gadget in the market! There are the many reasons for having a smart phone and nowadays they are the most useful product to our daily lives, and the X one Phone is able to satisfy all of the needs a user looks for in a smart phone. People want a phone that looks and feels great so this X one Phone doesn’t overlook on aesthetics and ergonomics it has become one of the most stylish products on the market. This X one Phone is perfect for users who use their phones one- handed, its sturdy built quality and long lifespan, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold just makes it a perfect product to be owned.

X one Phone chargers or screen protectors are not sold separately in the market, it is available only at the time of purchase of the product all accessories are in the box. For a limited time this X one phone are having exclusive offers like Buy 2 and get 1 Free – $447, Buy 3 and get 2 Free – $640, Buy 4 – $547 and can also avail free shipping of the product but just for some time. X one Phone has become the means of entertainment due to its uses and affordability inspite of latest and updated technology used in the product. X one Phone has many features that are useful. This product is definitely proving to capture the mind and the market and becoming popular every day. It is exceptionally selling well in the market. In short this X one phone is customised for the best usage experience.

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