Tact Watch Review 2020 – Buy Only After Reading This Guide


A watch is a timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. It is designed to keep working the motions caused by the person’s activities. A wristwatch is designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or like a bracelet. A pocket watch is designed for a person to carry in a pocket. People always have a fascination with the passing of time. A watch is a small clock carried or worn by a person. It makes it easy to see the time. It is also a fashion accessory for men and women, and expensive watches are designed for this purpose nowadays. A watch is one of the accessories worn by man also.

Smart Watches

Watches have always gone hand in hand with technology and inventions, from quartz and electric watches.  Recently with the changing technology in the computer, mobile, phone industry, companies have been experimenting with the “smart watch” also.  Apple has introduced the iWatch, other watches are Google Watch and Android Wear.  To keep up with these smart watches, many luxury watch brands are now introducing smart technology watches.  IWC recently released information on their IWC connect, which is worn on the strap rather than built into the watch. TAG Heuer also announced their own collaboration with Google and Intel to create a smart-watch.  Brands such as Montblanc, Frederique Constant, Alpina, Mondaine and Movado have also made smart watch announcements. New technologies seen today will help the imagination explore unforeseen paths in watch making.

Tact Watch

The tact watch is a tactical smart watch designed by Hyper SLS. It is built with DLC – diamond-like carbon material and comes in a unique shade of black called the “Midnight Diamond”. This means the watch is ultra-durable as well as quiet stylish. The tact watch was designed by a group of former military engineers they were fans of technology– but they also had a peculiar quality, they hated having to spend a ton of money to repair conventional, easy-to-break smart watches.


The Tact Watch is a timepiece designed to be worn just like a wristwatch, it embodies that rugged look and unique features. A tact watch is not just an accessory; it’s a full-package gadget. It comes with so many features that cover from connecting with your phone to monitoring your heart rate. The battery of tact watch will last 33 months, ensuring you will always stay connected. The tactical watch should be your companion when you’re hiking, camping, training, working or for everyday use. Tact watch is one of the tool that is as useful as your computer, smart watch. The materials used in tact watches are so high quality and neatly finished and its so natural and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Tact Watch is the commitment with customer and quality. All Tact watches are manufactured using the latest technologies, keeping the prices competitive. These Tact watches are targeted towards diving and aviation professionals, collectors those who expect the highest quality and price.

Tact watches –TC1 is developed as diving watches, SEA

                            TC2 is developed as infantry watches, LAND

                            TC3 is developed as air force watches, AIR

The Best Tactical Watch

Tact Watch is one of the most versatile piece, it is perfection at an affordable price, this Watch will be your best bet.  Tact Watches not only helps you keep track of time, it also helps to remind you of the daily routine. The features of the Tact watch include:

  • A customizable clock interface – which allows you to customize the clock’s interface according to the most important data.
  • A smart sleep monitoring ability – Now learn to sleep well and live a healthier life.
    The Tact Watch are Fully Waterproofed
  • Calculate burnt Calories – With the Tact Watch, you can keep track of the number of calories burnt too.
  • Motion Effect function – that Tact watch helps to keep track of your daily activities and monitors every motion.
  • Smart Heart rate Monitor – During your daily exercise, you can now check the real time heart rate to learn more about your progress with the help of tact watch.

If one ever owned a smart watch– chances are you will know how fragile, expensive, and how costly they can be to repair. Surely, these tact watches are so useful and feature-rich, allowing you to do everything from answering phone calls to tracking your bodily systems and fitness and keeping up with social media and with work. These watches are hot, hip and trendy– but tact watches trendiness and usefulness are outmatched.

Tact Watch Features

The Screen of Tact Watch is made of crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is a very hard mineral glass screen. Cracked smartwatch screens are thing of the past.

  • Step Counter
  • Calorie Counter
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Message notifications and alerts
  • Smartphone app

A) Step Counter

An important feature all tactical watches and smart watches is the step counter. The tact watch uses an inbuilt pedometer to track the steps you take during the day, you can then view the data on the dedicated smartphone app.

Tact watch is very useful for the active type people, they can track there steps for the day, track steps during a run or track steps when hiking.

B) Calorie Counter

Tact Watch functions by tracking the steps you take and how fast you take those steps, distance travelled and some other factors too are considered. This data is then sent to the dedicated smartphone app that runs it through an algorithm that spits out the number of calories burned. It is important to note that the algorithm depends on certain data like your current weight and height in order to give accurate results.

C) Sleep Monitor

According to the national sleep foundation, the average adult should have an average of 8 hours of sleep daily. Billionaire investor and founder of Felicis Ventures, Aydin Senkut, wholly agrees. Anyone that is into making changes to improve their lifestyle for better, should take the advice of such people.

The tact watch has a microchip that tracks body movement during your sleep. This data is analyzed by monitoring applications you can download on your smart phone or tablet.

The two will work as a team to unveil vital information about how much you sleep, how many times you woke up during your sleep, daily averages etc.    

These sleep trackers are great for detecting and improving bedtime habits affecting your health. There are great things this smartwatch app can do for the average person but also many things it can’t do for the sleep of people with serious issues. For wearers of the Tact Watch with an iPhone, try Sleep Cycle according to NYMag.com. It’s one of the top-rated sleep trackers with iOS. 

D) Message Notification and Alerts

This is a pretty new feature. You can connect the tact watch to your mobile device, this allows you to sync your notifications so that you get notified from your watch when you have a message or phone call. No more missed phone calls. 

Some salient points of the Tact Watch liked by the customers:

Battery Life

Consumers just LOVE this feature of the tact watch. We see most smart watches come with a 10 to 24 hours battery life. That means you have to charge it every day or at least every 2 days. We already have enough things to recharge daily; our laptops, mobile phones, power banks and then a smart watch adds to the list. The Tact watch boasts an unbelievable 33-month battery life that means you can literally charge this smartwatch once a year and still be good. It means you no longer have to stress yourself with making sure you charge it, means no more battery going flat in the middle of the day.


Tact watch is made of high-grade military material. The tact watch are scratch-resistant, dustproof and water-resistant, not only is it cheaper than competitors of the same caliber, it is highly durable don’t need to spend money for getting repair.

Pros and Cons of the Tact Watch


1. Battery life

Most smart watches come with a 10 – 24 hours battery life, it means you have to charge it every day or at least every 2 days. We already have enough things to recharge daily; our laptops, mobile phones, power banks and then a smart watch too. This smart watch boasts an unbelievable 33-month battery life. It means you no longer have to stress yourself with making sure you charge your smart watch, it means no more battery going flat in during the day.

You see extra features that are cool and all but they have a serious drain on the battery life of these smartwatches, the manufacturers purposely left those out, they were trying to build a “tactical”, not a “ futuristic” smartwatch, and part of being tactical and rugged includes having a long battery life.

2. Durability

Due to the high-grade material used in making the tact watch, it is extremely durable and can withstand most of the wear and tear that other smartwatches can’t.

It is scratch-resistant, dustproof and also water-resistant, it means you can save money , it is highly durable so you won’t spend extra money down the line making one repair. 


1. Unfortunately, Tact Watch only comes in one Design

The Midnight Diamond. It would have done better by adding a few more variants so people have the luxury of choosing a design that matches their personality. But on the bright side, this is actually a really cool design. Black goes well with almost anything.

2. Tact Watch Can Only Be Purchased Online

This is the big shocker with the tact watch. The brand wants full control over the customer experience that is why the only way to get your hands on the tact watch is through the official site, as it isn’t available in local stores.

Who is the supplier of the product- Tact Watch mainly 

The manufacturer and retailer of the Tact Watch is Hyper SLS LTD, which is also known in Europe as Novads OU (Estonia). The base of the company is in Hong Kong, the European base is in Estonia.

Who Is This Product For?

Firstly, it just has a kind of masculine look. For the guys, whether you sit at a computer all day or work a heavy-duty physical job, the T1 Tact Smart Watch is useful. The Tact Watch is stylish, super tough and able to be afforded by anyone that works. It’s one of those items that every guy should have.

How Can You Get The Tact Watch

You can get the tact watch by purchasing it from the official website. Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

The Tact Watch is one of the innovative, most spectacular, historical  and useful invention for the people with a style statement and class, who are quiet vigilant for their health, routine and want to stay connected always

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