Quick Ways to Restart A Dell Laptop

Quick Ways to Restart A Dell Laptop

Is your dell laptop frozen? I was surfing through some forums and found many users reporting such issues, wondering how to restart dell laptop that’s stuck on the same screen. Therefore, we penned down a guide to show you how to restart a dell laptop that’s not working.

How To Restart A Dell Laptop

Method 1 Using the reset button

The following options are available for the reset button on a Dell laptop, depending on the operating system:

If you are running Windows XP and the screen suddenly goes black, or if you need to exit an application, you can do so by pressing the Ctrl key along with the F11 key.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be reset by pressing the F8 key, which provides access to additional options such as System Restore and Boot Manager Repair (in Windows Vista) (Windows 7). (Windows 7).

Method 2: Press and hold power button

To turn off and then turn on your computer, you must first push and hold the button labeled “power” for a few seconds. Wait a moment, and then give it another shot to switch on after you’ve waited. The issues that caused personal computers to fail to boot should now be completely resolved.

Method 3: Force Restart

To begin, remove any and all wires that are plugged into the Dell laptop. This includes anything that is plugged into its USB ports or power adapters in order to charge, such as cell phones; you most certainly do not want them to deplete any additional juice that is available.

Next, remove any external drives from your laptop to ensure that they are not draining the battery even when the device has not been in use recently. Last but not least, keep your finger pressed firmly on the power button for a full minute to release any leftover charge.

This is the best way to restart dell laptop that’s frozen. However, if none of this work for you,  press ALT + F4 on your keyword and see if the shut down dialogue box appears. If it does, select the shut down option.

If this works for you, please let you laptop cool down for a while, take a coffee break, and then restart your laptop.

You will notice that your laptop is now turning on. Now make sure you don’t open 10-20 tabs on chrome browser, otherwise, your laptop’s memory will freeze.

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