How To Delete Whatsapp Images on the Laptop

How To Delete Whatsapp Images on the Laptop

Sharing screenshots or photographs used in an explanatory with coworkers, friends, or family is made easier by utilizing the WhatsApp desktop version for Windows or Mac computers.

When compared to downloading and sharing pictures on an Android or iOS device, it is simpler to just drag and drop images into a message thread on a laptop.

The problem is that when you send photographs through the messaging app on the phone or on the desktop client, they are paired together. This occurs regardless of which method you choose. When you receive a message with a media attachment, WhatsApp will automatically download it and save it in the phone’s media gallery.

Even after they have been deleted from the user’s phone, they will still be preserved in the WhatsApp desktop client’s archive of previous messages.

How To Delete Whatsapp Images on the Laptop

You will need to download the WhatsApp desktop client and pair your phone with your laptop to use WhatsApp.

Launch the application, navigate to the message thread that contains the photographs you wish to remove, click on the image, and then click the trash can button.

Alternately, you can delete the message by clicking on the arrow that drops down from the top right of the photo and then selecting “delete message.”

There is also the option to erase the media from your phone, and you can select whether to delete it for everyone or just for yourself.

The “delete for me” option will only remove the image from your own personal copy of the WhatsApp message thread if you want to delete images in order to make more space on your device.

If you do not deselect the check box to keep the file on your phone, the image will be removed from the WhatsApp desktop client as well as the WhatsApp app on your phone if you do not deselect the check box.

However, if you want to remove an image from WhatsApp that you no longer want the receiver to see, you can do so by selecting “Delete for everyone.”

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Why do you need to delete WhatsApp images Daily?

Since GIFs and videos are so commonly shared via free messaging apps, your device’s media gallery will quickly fill up with downloaded images from WhatsApp.

Your phone’s performance may suffer if you heavily use its storage.

WhatsApp pictures can’t be permanently erased unless both the media library and the messages containing them are cleared.

When you pair your phone with a computer running Windows or macOS through WhatsApp’s “linked devices” feature, you can delete photos sent over WhatsApp from the computer without having to delete them again.

When compared to removing media attachments on the phone and the device’s media gallery, doing it on a laptop is more faster and more streamlined.

Removing Multiple Media Files from WhatsApp on a Laptop

Any media files that are attached to WhatsApp messages are automatically stored in the gallery of the receiving device.

When using the WhatsApp desktop client, wiping several files one at a time is a time-consuming operation that must be performed in order.

You can delete all the files by connecting your phone to your computer and then removing them all at once. This will save you the time it would take to delete each file separately.

You will find all of the photographs that you have taken with your mobile device stored in two different places on your personal computer.

It should be in the downloads folder on your phone.
The “WhatsApp Images” folder is where the photographs sent through WhatsApp are saved, and the file path for the pictures sent through WhatsApp is “your device name.” You may locate the pictures you have uploaded to WhatsApp by navigating to the following locations:

WhatsApp > Internal Storage > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Media

There are two subfolders within the WhatsApp pictures folder. For “Sent” and “Private,” respectively.

The “No Media” file found in the Private folder serves to block any attempt by a picture viewer to access the contents of that folder.

All of the photographs sent from the laptop are stored in the “Sent” folder. When you use the WhatsApp web client to send and receive pictures, such pictures are still saved to your device. No, not even the Downloads directory!

Delete WhatsApp photos from both the computer and the phone’s WhatsApp images folder to make the most space. So this was how to delete whatsapp images in laptop, quickly and easily. We hope this guide helped you out.

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