How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

A portable version of your personal Laptop will probably be something you need if you decide to use a laptop instead of a desktop.Perhaps you’re wondering how much power a laptop uses.

However, several factors must be considered, including how long the laptop’s battery life lasts. The energy consumption of your laptop is an important consideration.

If you need to take your laptop on long excursions or places without access to an electrical outlet, a battery that can last for a long time is a must-have accessory. To estimate how long your laptop’s battery will last, you’ll need to know how much power it will use.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use

The average power consumption of a standard laptop is 65 watts. We determined that laptops’ wattage ranges anywhere from 30W to 200W after researching 144 of the most popular notebooks now available on the market.
Mode Watt hours used per day Watts hours used per month Watts hours used per year
Off mode 4.88Wh 148.4Wh 1,780.4Wh
Sleep mode 0.23Wh 7.1Wh 85.2Wh
Active mode (incl. high performance and active but idle modes) 50.34Wh 1,531.1Wh 1,8373.2Wh
Total 55.45Wh 1,686.6Wh 20,238.8Wh


It is essential to remember that there are exceptions to the rule. There has been a discernible surge in the availability of gaming laptops that use a power supply with a maximum output of 200W or higher. (there will be more on this later).

Laptop Wattage
MacBook Air 30W
MacBook Pro 13″ 61W
MacBook Pro 14″ 67W
MacBook Pro 16″ 96W or 140W
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 39W
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 45W
Samsung Galaxy Book Go 45W
Samsung Chromebook 4+ 45W
Dell Inspiron 14″ 65W
Dell Inspiron 17″ 90W
Dell Inspiron 15 (7000) 90W
Dell Inspiron 15 (3000) 45W
Dell XPS 15 130W
Dell G15 Gaming Laptop 180W
ASUS ROG Zephyrus15 200W
HP Laptops 45W to 150W
Acer Laptops 45W to 180W
Lenovo Flex 3 45W
Lenovo Chromebook 3 45W
Lenovo Ideapad 3 65W
Lenovo Yoga 65W


These findings result from 1,084 individual computers being subjected to the rigorous testing requirements necessary to earn the ENERGY STAR certification. Information pertaining to the 1,084 portable PCs was obtained from the website. Therefore, these specifications apply to the highest-performing laptops that are currently on the market.

The number of watts that is displayed represents the power rating for the laptop, as determined by the manufacturer. This is the maximum amount of power the device can use.

Laptops, on the other hand, do not consistently eat up all the battery life available to them. Contrary to what is indicated by their power ratings, laptops have a significantly higher power consumption.


What is wattage?

The wattage of your laptop provides an indication of the amount of power that it consumes. The greater the amount of electricity that a laptop uses, the less time its battery will last before needing to be replaced.

The amount of power that laptops consume is notoriously difficult to estimate. A few laptops need as much as 180 watts per hour; however, most laptops only need 20–100 watts per hour.

In most cases, these distinctions are made for pragmatic reasons linked to the function that is supposed to be performed by the laptop. The requirements for both hardware and software are extremely variable depending on the objective.

If you are a serious gamer or want to utilize programs requiring high-quality visuals, you should be prepared for your laptop to use more power than usual.

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Your laptop’s power supply, which consists of the cord that plugs into an electrical outlet, is called an adapter. Your laptop’s power supply must be able to keep up with its size if it is exceptionally cumbersome.

Remember this if you’re looking to get a new laptop shortly. When you add accessories to your laptop, you need to be sure that they are compatible with its power supply.


The central processing unit, or CPU, is sometimes referred to as the “brain” of a laptop laptop and is considered to be one of the most significant components. This component is the engine that drives everything, whether you’re doing a search, building a 3D model of your dream home, or playing a high-octane video game. It’s what makes it all possible.

Nevertheless, not every central processing unit is the same. CPUs that are of a higher quality use less power and function more effectively than their lower-quality counterparts.

The Graphics Card

The graphics card in your laptop is responsible for managing the display quality. A low-end graphics card should be sufficient for your needs if you simply use your laptop for fundamental activities such as online browsing and editing spreadsheets.

However, if you want to utilize CAD software or play video games, you should upgrade the graphics card on your laptop. A card with increased processing capability is required for superior visuals and a more seamless laptop experience.

The parameters of the display’s measurements

The screen is responsible for most of your laptop’s power usage because it needs to be kept lit up. The larger the screen, the greater the amount of power that is required to run it.

60 watts is the typical amount of power that is consumed by the display of a laptop with a 16-inch screen. If you get a more powerful model, you can increase your hourly wattage output to as much as 100 watts.

Calculating Your Laptop’s Wattage

Without the aforementioned components, a laptop is rendered completely unusable. Although some of the general features might be the same, the specifics will differ depending on the manufacturer and the product.

The power adapter of a portable laptop, such as a laptop, is the simplest and most efficient way to estimate the approximate amount of energy that is used by the device.

The adaptor will indicate the maximum amount of power that can be input into your laptop in its current configuration. Through more research, you should be able to obtain a more accurate reading of the device’s power consumption.

It is necessary to inspect the components. On the websites of your laptop’s manufacturers, you might find specifications for its individual components. When you mix all together, you won’t obtain an accurate reading of your laptop’s watts or power consumption.

However, getting an accurate assessment of the amount of energy your laptop uses can be accomplished by entering the figures into a power consumption calculator found online.

The wattage reader provided by your electricity provider is the method that is both the quickest and most accurate when it comes to determining the amount of power consumed by your laptop. Simply attaching your laptop to one of these devices will immediately provide you with an estimate of the amount of power it consumes.

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