Drone X Pro Review 2020 – Is It Worth ??

What is Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro is an exclusive and masterpiece of its own kind. Drone X Pro has quiet sleek design and it is an example of an excellent and unmatched engineering and futuristic. Drone X Pro is a revolutionary and high-tech design. Drone X Pro is the superlative features product, which helps to take extra ordinary photos and high quality aerial shots. Drone X Pro are foldable so it becomes quiet handy and easily transferable from one place to other due to its ultimate design. Drone X Pro has salient features which satisfies typical photo shooters. This enhances the adventure of taking the pics and shooting the videos when you are on an adventure trip.

Drone X Pro is high quality drone with astonishing features which gives brilliant photos and record videos. This DroneX Pro is the must product to be carried during journey to make it exploratory and rememberable.


Who Designed Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro was developed by 2 German engineers. These engineers were just in love with the Drones. They wanted to develop the drone which has the unique feature to take pictures and make class videos with High Definition.  This Drone X Pro was made in such a way that it was equipped with all the features which anyone can imagine in a drone. Drone X Pro is compact, stylish, easily hand able, and one touch for on and off. This drone is perfect for professionals all over who love adventures, travels and photography too.

How Does Drone X Pro Works?

The DroneX Pro is a gadget which is been loved and admired by the travellers. Because of its sleek, stylish design, light weight it has become a suitable and usable option to be carried beside a smart phone to take pictures and videos. Drone X Pro is very convenient and easy to use as people have the notion that operating a drone is difficult and complicated. Drone x Pro only requires at least 60 or 70 minutes to recharge, that’s it becomes stress-free even a variety of lithium batteries can be purchased if going for an adventure trip. Due to its inward foldable design, the blades are extra protected of DroneX Pro.

Drone X Pro is equipped with a wide-angle lens for taking professional photographs and recording videos in High Definition, it also allows capturing images at 360 degrees effortlessly. Drone X Pro is a great investment for the lovers of style and photos. The average flying and recording time is for 12 minutes. Drone X Pro has a built-in gravity sensor, to avoid any sort of damages during crash. There is a sensor-packed in it which monitors any sort of obstacles throughout their flight, as and when any obstruction is found it drifts away.

Drone X Pro Specifications

This Drone X Pro uses radio frequencies of 2.4GHz. It is WiFi enabled too, it has 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery. DroneX Pro is suitable for both indoors and outdoors like travelling etc. The charging time of Drone X Pro is 60-70 mins. Drone X Pro has micro SD card slot also with Gyroscope: 6-axis. Its flying time is somewhere around 7-10 mins nearly and covers the distance of about 80-100 mts. The colour of this drone is black. Drone X Pro has the camera of 2MP 720P HD wide angle of 1200 which gives photos of around 0.3 megapixels. Drone X Pro is supported by both Android and iPhone. The JY UFO app is used with the drone. It comes with LED lights and its Quadcopter size is27×19.5x5cm (with arms not folded) and 12.5×7.5x5cm (with arms folded). The package Size is about 17.5x16x7cm and it weights 360gm.

Drone X Pro Features, Specifications and Performance

  • Drone X Pro has Foldable design which enable to fold the drone when you are not using it. It is possible because of the frame holding the Propellers and the body.
  • DroneX Pro is Portable and very light weight. This is very convenient for outdoor use.
  • Camera of the Drone X Pro has a board HD camera of 2 mega pixels; it is able to take photos and record videos in 720p HD, which is really great. The camera is able to capture still images at a wide angle of 1200. Because of the panoramic mode, it can capture 3600 images with one click of a button. This drone also has two led lights next to the camera so this becomes in dark, close proximity.
  • Flight time of the DroneX Pro is all right, it can fly for 10min when the battery is fully charged. Battery charging takes an average of 70 minutes so it is advisable to carry variety of lithium batteries when going for travels where charging is not available.
  • The control of Drone X Pro is quiet easy. Just with one key it has a smooth landing and flying. Drone X Pro is durable and strong because of its outer covering. Drone X Pro can be controlled with the smart phones or with the remote control of the drone.
  • JY UFO app makes the DroneX Pro more functional which allows accomplishing extra modes to enhance flight. The app can be downloaded from google play store or apple store easily. The real-time data of pics and videos can be experienced through it.
  • Drone X Pro can fly for a radius of about 80m without you losing control of the device. The drone and its controller can actually maintain transmission for a longer distance.
  • Connecting the Drone X Pro to the controller is easy you need to Press the huge grey/black power button on top of the drone. Then the blue lights on top and back LED lights starts flashing. Front LEDs will flash. When you switch on the controller you will hear a sharp beep sound. Now initialize the connection by doing a forward and backward throttle. When the LED light stops blinking and go solid, this means that the drone is connected and ready to fly.

Drone X Pro Accessories:

The Drone X Pro has following items in the box:

  • Four spare Propeller blades. In case your drone crashes and breaks the Propeller,then you can easily replace it.
  • A storage bag is provided which prevents the drone from dust when stored to keep it safe.
  • A screwdriver for fixing Propellers.
  • A USB cable.
  • A user manual.
  • A 3.7V battery.

This DroneX Pro is a selfie quadcopter which is affordable. This is one of the most incredible inventions, to fit in the pocket of everyone who loves to take selfies, photos and videos.  Drone X Pro technology is fabulous. Drone X Pro is excellent for shooting high – definition videos and selfies. People love the Drone X Pro because it can be controlled by their smart phones also. The manufacturers of DroneX Pro have the focus to offer the product with cheaper and at a competitive price in the market by having its best quality too. It is a great revolution for drone lovers. The DroneX Pro has remarkable features which can work amazingly at your finger tips as well as in an easier way when operated. This is an improved model with more features added to it. It also has four rotors for advanced flying control, but it is not complicated to operate. It can be controlled by using your smart phones too. Drone X Pro can reach approximately 150 feet from the ground without losing its remote connection within few minutes. This gadget camera is of high quality to records the things when they are in motion also or stationary, and allows getting your perfect photos and videos from the sky too. Its High Definition slow motion enables the users to replay the highlights of the trip. DroneX Pro captures 360-degree photos in the air without any complicated operation.

Drone X Pro is a remarkable product at a competitive price with its availability all over the world. The DroneX Pro can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer that has the price range of 93.99 US Dollars to 99.99 US Dollars. They offer the warranty for the product too. It is always advisable to buy the cheapest drone to acquire bigger savings along with the quality and extra- ordinary features. It is a strong and durable model. DroneX Pro design is incredible with a reasonable price and it is the latest version of the drones X series.

The Drone X Pro is packed with gravity sensoring which detect any obstacles in its way during flying. Then, it changes its flying course in order to avoid the collision.

Pros and Cons of Dronex Pro

Dronex Pro is the example of advanced and innovative drones; they are simple and available at a competitive price.

Pros :

  • Flight Speed – Drone X Pro have a reliable fight speed and it flies at a fair and suitable speed while capturing a lot of space.
  • Packed with 3 Handling Speeds – Drone X Pro has a greater stability for its flight, which makes it specific and safe. The drone can resist extreme weather.  This model of Drone X Pro is perfect for all the seasons. 
  • Tailored to Capture Wide Angles – DroneX Pro is an ideal tool for professional photography and aerial shots. It can ideally be used by the beginners and advanced users as well, it has the capacity to capture wide angles during different flights. 
  • Compact Size with an artistic Design – as the drones are large in sizes but the Drone X Pro has a sleek and lightweight design, so it is easy to carry during travels too. It is quiet portable, and has the latest and an aesthetic style. 
  • Foldable –Drone X Pro is easily foldable so the device is simpler to carry. You just need to be careful when folding the propellers inward. 
  • Altitude Hold Mode – Drone X Pro has different modes to operate on heights and at a greater altitude. Drone X Pro can detect the obstacle in its way easily. It is packed with gravity sensors to detect any obstacles. Then it changes its flying course to avoid damages from a crash or collision. 
  • Stable Flight –The Drone X Pro is excellent because of its hold mode function for having a stable flight. 
  • Control the Device with a Finger – The Drone X Pro can be operated with our smart phone because it has a built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the application. It can be controlled by the remote as well for taking pictures and videos.
  • A Perfect Personal Camera Selection – DroneX Pro has 720p and 1080p camera resolution to give quality pics.
  • Drone X Pro flies at a 360 Degree Angle – Drone X Pro allows to rotate it at 360 degrees. Rolling the device will also be hassle-free to give boost. 
  • A Comprehensive Package – The Drone X Pro is a comprehensive it consists of a transmitter, protection cover, battery, a cable charger, a screwdriver, a user’s guide, extra propellers, and the drone. 
  • Great Stability – Drone X Pro has high-end stabilization for proper flight and landing. 
  • It’s compatible with IOS and Android Phones – The Drone X Pro can be used with Android or IOS phones it has its compatibility with them. The application can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Cons :

  1. There are different rules and regulations to be followed which depends on your location.
    1. Drone X Pro must be used who has proper training to prevent accidents and other damages.
    1. It may be that the price is not affordable by all the users.

The Drone X Pro is hard to believe value product that has a number of features that most people expect in a drone. It comes with all sorts of different flying and camera modes to experience the wonderful shots. It is simple to control and easy to use. This is an affordable drone which can be controlled by your smart phones to take astonishing photos and videos. DroneX pro is light weighted, ultra-compact, and easy to fly. Drone X Pro is a revolutionary product which can be controlled with one finger tap. Drone X pro is a high-quality product with the quality and workmanship and it is been very reasonably priced. Drone X Pro is friendly for the beginners as it is not technical to use. It is not complicated just follow instructions. It is convenient and safe to use when the instructions are followed correctly. Drone X Pro has 100% customer support and quick response time. Drone X Pro has more functionality with the peace of mind. DroneX Pro has the competitive range for shooting purpose. It has been a trusted gadget with the value for money. This device gives you the thrilling experience who are fond of taking photos, videos and selfies of course. Drone X Pro is stable and perfect product to be used by anyone with an affordable and a reasonable price.

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