Blanket Jackson Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Blanket Jackson Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

What Is Blanket Jackson’s Net Worth?

Blanket Jackson (now known as Bigi Jackson) who has a net worth of $100 million. Blanket Jackson is the third child of late musical legend Michael Jackson. He was an associate producer on the 2013 film “Kingdom Come.” He changed his name from Blanket to Bigi in 2015.


Michael Jackson’s will expressly left 40% of his assets to his three children, to be split evenly. Another 20% was left to various children’s charities and the final 40% was left to support his mother Katherine. Upon Katherine’s death, that 40% balance goes to Michael’s kids, which means eventually his three children will split 80% of the estate.

At the time of his death, Michael’s estate was actually in debt to the tune of $500 million. Fortunately for his heirs, in the years since his passing, the Jackson estate has generated over $700 million from royalties, licensing deals and box office proceeds related to the film “This is It.”

Early Life

Blanket Jackson was born Prince Michael Jackson II on February 21, 2002, in La Mesa, California. He is the son of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and a surrogate whose name is unknown to the public. Jackson has two half-siblings, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (better known as “Prince”) and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, and the three grew up together at the famous Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County.

Bigi’s godmother was the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Macaulay Culkin is his godfather. Jackson was just 7 years old when he lost his father in June 2009. Michael’s children spoke at his funeral, and they accepted his posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, took custody of all three children in accordance with Jackson’s wishes that his mother be the permanent guardian of his children. Be that as it may, in 2012, Katherine declared that she intended to share custody of the children with their older cousin TJ Jackson. In 2017, Katherine (who was 87 at the time) stated her intention to let TJ have full custody of 15-year-old Bigi, the only Jackson child who was still a minor.

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Michael nicknamed his youngest child ” Blanket” because it meant to envelope, cover, or ‘blanket’ someone with love. Bigi was at the focal point of discussion as a baby when Michael was seen dangling him from a hotel balcony during a visit to Germany. Michael later apologized and called the move “a terrible mistake.” He also stated, “I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.”

During his early childhood, Bigi and his half-siblings wore masks and veils in a bid to hide their identity. This was ridiculed by many people who felt it was too much for the children, but Michael defended his actions, saying it was to hide their identities from media, paparazzi, and fans. He further added that it was an attempt for his children to live normal lives like other kids. Bigi and his half-siblings all graduated from the Sherman Oaks private school the Buckley School.


Jackson served as an associate producer on the 2013 film “Kingdom Come,” which earned six nominations at the 2014 Long Beach International Film Festival. The film won the award for Best Actor (Jeff Moffitt) and received nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Jaiden Kaine), Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, and Best Screenplay. Bigi has appeared in the special “Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special” (2003) and the TV series “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (2010), “The X Factor” (2011), “Life with La Toya” (2014), and “The Jacksons: Next Generation” (2015).

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Personal Life

In 2021, the Jackson siblings hosted a “Thriller Night” benefit to raise money for the Heal Los Angeles Foundation, which Prince Jackson co-founded with John Muto. The organization’s mission is to “improve the lives of young people in Greater Los Angeles by creating impactful programs that will help them pursue their dreams while building fundamental life skills.” Soon after the benefit, the famously private Bigi gave a rare interview with the television show “Good Morning Britain” in which he spoke about climate change, stating, “I do think it’s important we all know about it. We have some work to do but our generation knows how important it is.”

Real Estate

In 2020, Jackson paid $2.6 million for a 6,382 square foot home in Calabasas, California. The home includes six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, and it’s located in a guard-gated community.

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