Nowadays a lot of people are an addict to watching videos. The technology is improved and it is delivering any kind of information within the seconds. It is good for now, but there is a lot of problem by issuing the people who watch their favorite videos or any other videos on their Kodi addon.

To entertain yourself you have to fix a Vshare pair on your Kodi. In this article, we are going to tell you how to fix a Vshare pair on Kodi and some other major issue which are interrupting your Kodi addon videos. Error Finding :

It is very simple to find your Kodi. Just follow the instruction are given below and confirm your Kodi addon is getting these issues or not. If yes, then just follow our guide to enjoy your favorite videos.

Open your Kodi software to watch your favorite videos or any other TV show by using an addon. At that time you will get some servers list on your Kodi. In that server the list you see a different kind of servers, but we recommend you to select a different kind of servers, but we recommend you to select, but you will get a Vshare error.

Easy ways to Fix Vshare Pair Error on Kodi

Now, we are going to tell you the process to fix the Vshare pair. You can watch all of your favorite videos through your addon up to four hours. In these steps, we are giving you a pair of your device with Vshare EU pair Kodi. Follow the steps are given below and enjoy your favorite videos.

  • Firstly, you have to launch your “Kodi addon
  • Try to watch a movie through an “addon
  • After a trying to start a movie you will get a “Pop Up” which inform you “Load all the servers”
  • Among which a server list, you can see “Vshare” just to select which server to play your video.
  • Now you will get a popup “To play a video stream authorization required”
  • To avoid an above pop up, then you have to “pair your device IP with the Vshare IP”
  • For pairing your IP with a Vshare, then you have to click on
  • After that you have to complete a task which says “Fix the Captcha” and “I am not a Robot
  • Once you complete the above task you have to wait for some time, finally, you can see a green tick on the box.
  • Finally, select an “Active Streaming” option to pair your device
  • After a few seconds “Your Device Paired Successfully” pops up will come, then you will enjoy your favorite videos up to four hours.

It is a process to fix a vshare stream authorization error to avoid the Vshare error on your Kodi videos. To get more entertainment on your Kodi addon, then you have to follow the above-mentioned step so you will get the service up to four hours.


In this article, we provide you the information for the people who want to fix a Vshare pair on their Kodi. It will help you to watch your favorite videos without getting any server list and some error like an https:// Vshare pair error you should get the stream authorization.

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