Best Games Console For 5 Year Old Boys

Your child must be grasping your smartphone nowadays whenever you are back from work and instantly starts playing games on it. Be cautious! The toddler must be slouching over the cell phone and scrolling the touch screen. That implies he/she is on the verge of developing some severe spinal disorders shortly. So, what are you holding on? Purchase your child a game console. With this new device, the minor can perch on the couch in a comfortable position and relish the virtual conviction. These handheld game devices are the best for their entertainment.

There is an assortment of options in the market, but how can you choose the perfect game console for children? Possibilities are, they will play the video game more than you will. So, you need to make sure that it provides the fun for many hours but stays kid-friendly enough to meet the limitations you have fixed for them. Finding something in between might appear hard, primarily in diverse age groups, but there is a reliable list of options in the stores that are sure to satiate the entire family. We have listed below the seven best gaming consoles for 5 years old and even added a manual at the end to assist you make the best buying decision.

Top 7 Best Games Console For 5 Year Old Boys

1. Nintendo Switch

Famous for its mobility, compatible with almost all the devices that make it one of the best preferences for your tiny tots. Whether you want to pass your vacation at home or you are planning a holiday in the frosty mountains or sultry coasts, this console can be utilized in several destinations as it is a cordless one. It can get adjusted on your huge LED Television display or the phablet you are holding while you are on the trip. This console also has built-in movement detection, touch-sensitive feedback that makes it a perfect blend of flexibility and convenience. The tabletop option lets kids play with their friends, and the adept stand assures it would not be bent on a random body. Toddlers will jump for fun when they play with the available Joy-Con handles that can be used as one or two standard regulators, any sidewise, up and down movement, or button monitored. With the Nintendo Switch, kids can contest with their companions at home, battle with fellow Nintendo Switch buddies online, or even connect up to eight devices together to play wherever they want. From unforgettable family game nights to endless leisure in the car, the Nintendo Switch has all the top video games for children.

Specifications :


  • Parental control is accessible through pins.
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of games are available on the online store.


  • Not capable to run process expensive games.

Why should you buy Nintendo Switch?

Supports various games: Whether it is Super Mario Galaxy or Mario Clash, it does not matter, it will run both the games. Maybe your child fed up with Mario and desires to play Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z, yes you followed it right; it runs both of these video games.

Handy: As it is a cordless device, this gaming device can be used indoors and outside of your house in a portable way.

Parental handles: What if you are scared of your toddler playing brutal games, or maybe he got involved in some mature content, again no worries! It has parental limitations in it. So you can trace his actions in the online world easily.

2. VTech InnoTV

If you have faith in the idea of ‘Learn while you play’, then this video gaming console can be the perfect one for your kid. This console arrives with the functions of joyous education on subjects like Science, English, General Knowledge, Computers, and more. This gaming device can be used by anyone between 3 to 8 years of age. VTech InnoTV for primary school kids multi-user functions permits many to battle at a single punch. It is a gaming device with a learning forum for elementary school kids but set up with the entire family in view, thanks to its multi-user mode. It links to your Television screen and arrives with four games that showcase grammar, mathematics, science, and word-problems, as well as a cordless joysticks made for little hands. The InnoTV cassettes and learning applications are also consistent with this gaming device so children can learn with SpongeBob, Doraemon, Dora the Explorer, and others.




  • Memory card space
  • Mobile applications lets parents connect with the device
  • High quality audio


  • Dull display

Why should you buy VTech InnoTV?

No age restrictions: This gaming console can be used by anyone in the age group 3 to 8. You can join your kids while the game is on, as it offers a multi-player mode.

Learn while you play: This game system has options of merry learning even on tough topics like- Science and Maths.

No problem if you are left-handed: Is your child a lefty? No issue! Anyone can operate this console.

Consistent: This console has a wide assortment of games like- Mickey Mouse Club House and Dora the Explorer. One of the best features is that it can be linked with your TV stations.

3. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB

It runs high-resolution games and all the new games with an increased 4K quality. It has a built-in adjusting system by which you can monitor the playtime. You can also watch your preferred movies in Blue Laser form using this handy video game. It takes gaming up a notch, all thanks to its high-tech functions. It permits your children to play games at a high-resolution, so you and your family can have a fun time gaming. 4K Ultra HD gaming is now available in PS4 Pro. Now you can play famous video games like GTA San Andreas, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, etc. all at 4K resolution. Another intriguing option of the PS4 Pro is its Boost Mode in which the gaming control increases ten times. The visuals and gaming speeds are enhanced that takes your gaming experience to another level.




  • Cost-effective
  • You can keep a password for parental handle.
  • Your child will love the game visuals due to high resolution power.


  • You cannot play the past generation games on the PS4 game console.

Why should you buy PlayStation 4 Pro?

4K Ultra HD Experience: You can watch 4K movies, clips using this gaming device.

High-definition visuals: This console arrives with high-resolution graphics. Perch comfortably on your couch and spend hours of leisure time with your family members while watching Ultra HD videos.

Runs all the ultra HD and latest visual games.


This console offers high-pixel 4K pictures with improved frame rates on the display where you can see every information about it. This console arrives with a big  1TB hard disk drive with the feature to save your preferred songs and movies. This system has the function of complete parental handles that permits you to fix restrictions on its usage. Light-weight and sleeker than ever, the PlayStation 4 Slim includes a punch with its impactful 1TB hard drive. Kids, teenagers, and pro-players will get addicted to the crazy crisp and crystal clear visuals in PS4’s game library of the top video games for children.




  • Speedy Wi-Fi Connection
  • High energy
  • Very Affordable


  • No optical port.

Why should you buy Sony PlayStation 4 Slim?

No age restrictions: Do you have a secret fantasy for the games since you were a teenager? Buy this game console. Everyone will assume you have purchased this for your little one, and at the same time, your desire can also be satisfied.

Crystal Clear Visuals: With the advanced ultra graphics designing framework with improves transmission speed, believe me, you can even calculate the elements on display with every small detail of it.

Family time: Got fed up after extreme usage of the games? What are you holding on? Quickly play the newly-released movies a piece of relaxing song saved on your 1TB hard disk.

Sleek design: Don’t assume that 1TB memory takes a lot of area;  Its latest slick design is sometimes slender than your smartphone.


This is a child-friendly gaming console. It arrives with an improved battery life. Runs high-resolution games like Lucky’s Tale and Marvel Super Heroes makes it the best gaming system for your little one to spend their free time. Many functions in this console, can also be monitored by your vocals. Xbox One S provides a gaming library and unlimited security options: for example, the availability of content is set to ‘off’ for kids below 8 years of age. You can restrict the online shopping or limit them to free applications, switch what’s available on the web age bar filters such as ‘child and teen’, and set up gaming restrictions through smartphones, laptops, or computers.




  • You can limit the forum to access only free applications.
  • Best game system for 5 years old as it has a parental handle with a passcode.
  • Can be used for a longer duration.


  • Quite Expensive

Why should you buy Xbox One S ?

Long-lasting battery: This console arrives with long battery life. Your kid use this console for 6-7  hours without any worries.

Absolute parental handle: This gaming system includes a strongly recommended parental handle feature by which you can restrict your toddler’s activities, only for the no-cost apps.

Voice recognition: You can use your vocals to monitor many functions of this game console as it has a built-in speech recognition.


This video game is for kids that has built-in functions to make your child learn maths, solve word problems, or reading.  One of the best options of this console is the body movement function that can make your child prance, race, or even jump like a toad. It is also perfect for youngsters thanks to the sonic directions and regulators designed for small hands. With over a hundred learning games and clips, kids can connect and play with their preferred cartoon characters like Bob Builder, Dragons Tales, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Frozen, and many more. You can play by three methods like body movement, clue play, and classic handle, but all assist youngsters to gain knowledge, through motion, innovation, skills, maths, reading, composing, and science. The Leapfrog LeapTV can be played alone or with your friends and automatically sets the game stages to your kid’s age. Toddlers will bounce with joy for the Leapfrog LeapTV.




  • Games are related to famous cartoon characters 
  • The tiny buttons on the joystick are perfect for little hands.
  • Audio directions available


  • Movement detecting is inconsistent.

Why should you buy Leapfrog Leap TV ?

Over a hundred games: You can opt the most appropriate one for your tiny tot amongst so many games. Every visual game makes your child learn something innovative.

Includes several subjects: This console provides an assortment of topics like maths, science, grammar that makes your child a fast learner.

Practical activities: The most significant function of this console is it makes your kids jump, prance, run and play that stops them from being sluggish.


The portable game console as Nintendo 3DS XL arrives with the function of the three-dimensional images that make your child’s virtual space more practical. This feature is paid, but this product is worth your investment. You do not require any red or blue tri-dimensional goggles here as these game visuals have a high-resolution. Apart from the 3D big screen with face-detecting and quicker transmission speeds, the 3DS XL is identical to the 2DS XL model that showcases a cup-shaped design with a touch-sensitive pad at the bottom and high-resolution display on the top. It also includes  3-D and 2-D images and can be monitored by parents. Note: 3DS XL doesn’t come with an AC adapter, so you will have to purchase one online.




  • Enhanced 3D visuals
  • Dual analogue handles
  • Heavy processing capability


  • Battery life hasn’t physically enhanced

Why should you buy Nintendo 3DS XL?

Three-dimensional visuals: This console arrives with a 3D impression that makes your child’s online space more practical.

Quick Processor: One of the best processing device makes it faster than you can think.

In-built camera: The internal camcorder of this console can detect the location of your child’s face and can change its display by their eye position.

Simple Transfer: You can effortlessly transfer your pictures, songs, and other data by this console.


You will discover the top gaming console for children in this article. Any video game for kids will entertain your family, little ones, and the elderly, with some years of joy and laughter. It will come down to the amount of cash you are willing to invest and whether or not you have gaming systems that your toddlers love playing related to any of the video games of a previous generation.

We want to prompt you, as the other instances, that these branded gaming consoles are free of cost. We have genuinely assessed them and then authorized it to our purchaser in this top gaming console for the children manual. If you find this blog productive, please provide us your feedback.

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